How to add Grammarly to Instagram?

Grammarly helps you to grow your Instagram engagement. In this article, we learn how to add Grammarly to Instagram and how this tool allows you to boost your account.

We will first learn how to add and then learn how it works to make our Instagram grow better.

Why Instagram post caption is essential!

Each platform has its algorithm, like Tiktok boots your videos when most people like, share, and save them.

On Instagram, if you post a picture or video and write a great caption about it, and then people read your caption and spend some time reading it, Instagram will boost your post in the search feed.

Three ways to write your post caption.

How to add Grammarly

The first thing you need to do is install the Grammarly extension, do a search on Google for (Grammarly for Chrome) and click on the first link provided by Google. Add to Chrome.

Grammarly extension

Make sure you enable the extension when you add it to your chrome, open Instagram, and start writing the post caption with Grammarly.

How does Grammarly help you to grow your Instagram?

You must write the best captions for your Instagram posts if you want to grow on the platform. You will get better engagement on your posts by writing the best caption.

write caption with Grammarly

When writing captions, Grammarly provides a lot of help, as it checks your spelling and grammar errors before you submit your caption. This makes your caption more unique and easier to read.

How to Use Grammarly in Google Docs


Is it true that people read captions on Instagram?

Most people read captions, but it depends on a few factors. If the photo catches people’s attention, they’re more likely to read the caption. It’s super important to start your caption with a catchy phrase.

Is it okay to post on Instagram without a caption?

It would be best to consider the difference between posting a picture without writing anything about it and writing a summary about your post in the other case. I would like to know which one attracts the most people.

Do captions matter?

Captions are a direct line of communication. Whether you use your words to share how an image was made, offer advice, or explain how you’re feeling, they add value and help your audience get to know you.